imageHere is the free prize she won.

I didn’t mean to send that without the picture.

Now let’s try this again.

If you want to win a free prize you’ll have to answer this question correctly and be the first person on this blog to do so.

What Door Prize did Patty Lyons win at the 21st DKG Knitting Retreat?


Dabbling in Color on May 16, 2016
Monica MacFarland will start talking about Fair Isle Knitting.
10 am and 7 pm at St. Mary Center

Monica will speak about using color in knitting, from Fair Isle to slip stranded, with some hints and tips on color selection as well. She will also be teaching Latvian Braid which can give a wonderful decorative touch to knitted edges (this will be worth your membership fee). Bring worsted or sport weight wool in two colors and double pointed needles in size to match.

Fair Isle Knitting with Monica MacFarland on May 21, 2016
10 AM -3 PM at St. Mary Center

Monica will lead us all in a workshop of Fair Isle Knitting as a follow up to her presentation on Monday. Come and learn more about how to knit this wonderful tradition! A pattern and yarn kit will be provided along with a light lunch. Please bring double pointed needles in US size 1, 2 or 3, or needles for magic loop, or 2 circulars.

Members: $35
Non-Members: $45
Sign up sheets will be at an earlier meeting.


I goofed again. I don’t know how I read that wrong. You can clearly see that Kathy won. I will not take the prize away from Arlene. But Kathy will have to pick a different color of bag. We are all out of green bags. We have yellow, blue and raspberry. Tell me what color you want, Lady in Lace.

Shit Happens,


Win the prize in this picture. (Hopefully I am able to figure that out). I hate computering. That’s not even a word ( I know my computer just told me to spell it compute ring). I don’t know what that is.

You will WIN if you are the first person to respond to this BLOG.


I was at the DKG knitting retreat with Patty Lyons and 50 enthusiastic knitters.

I bought 3 knitting tools at the Yarn Market (didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted to at the market) and won 2 prizes in the raffle.

I also had a car accident on Saturday and didn’t get back in time to shop.

Knit Happens,


Sorry if there was some confusion.

The Yarn Market is open until 6 pm today. But the raffle drawing is going to take place at 4:30 pm today.

Knit Happens,


Yarn Market opens tomorrow at 10 am and goes till 6 pm.

Its going to be raining so come shopping with us.

Raffle has more than 100 prizes, so buy your tickets and we hope you win.

Knit Happens,



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