imageHere is the free prize she won.

I didn’t mean to send that without the picture.

Now let’s try this again.

If you want to win a free prize you’ll have to answer this question correctly and be the first person on this blog to do so.

What Door Prize did Patty Lyons win at the 21st DKG Knitting Retreat?


The Crawl is a 6 DAY event (August 9-14, 2016) where you travel from yarn shop to yarn shop to see what is new for the 2016 fall season. There are 39 shops in the crawl in Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky! Experience the ambiance of each shop as you get to know the personalities of the owner and staff. You’ll have the opportunity to win great PRIZES!!! You may use the above ticket URL to purchase your passport. Please select Have You Any Wool from the drop down options when purchasing your passport. Select us from the drop down and be entered into a drawing for a gift certificate! Thank you!
Listed below are the criteria you must meet to be eligible for each prize drawing. There will be one winner in each category unless otherwise listed. I’ll post a list of prizes as soon as I have complete info. What I can tell you is, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to win!
Road Warrior Grand Prize: You visited everyone!
Northern Exposure Prize: Visit the 12 most northern shops.
Southern Comfort Prize: Visit the 12 most southern shops.
Stuck in the Middle Prize: Visit the 11 centrally located shops.
Northern Dipper Prize: Visit all those shops located in the north and central regions.
Southerly Wind Prize: Visit all those shops located in the south and central regions.
North and South Prize: Visit the shop that is the farthest north and farthest south.
Short on Time Prize: Visit the shop where you picked up your passport and two others. There will be multiple winners in this drawing.

Find out more info at: thei75yarncrawl

Well maybe not. Did you know that I love knitting and hate computers?

Maybe there is something on Ravelry about the 2016 Yarn Crawl. Or maybe you can just google it. I wish you luck.

Did anyone go to the Yarn Crawl in 2013?

Yours Truly,




The Neon will be showing a film called Yarn on August 31st at 7:30 pm. They will only show the film if they have enough people to view it. You can go to this website to reserve your ticket.  https://www.tugg.com/events/121657. I viewed a trailer to this movie on this site.

I would love to see this movie but I have to work that night.



Age 104. Mary was born in Dayton the year before the Great Flood and led a long life of good humor and quiet faith. A world-class knitter and long time member of the Dayton Knitting Guild she first learned her skill at the age of 5 knitting bandages for soldiers serving in World War I. Mary graduated in the first class of Julienne HS in 1930, then put her education to work as an independent working woman in the 1930’s and 40’s. After WWII she married Herb Fiala, CPA and soon Mary bore two sons, Jim and Jack. After Herb suffered a debilitating stroke in 1965 Mary returned to work to support the household at various secretarial positions, notably 24 years at St. Leonard Seminary and St. Charles Parish. Eight years ago, through an oversight, she let her driver license expire, but studied up and passed her drivers exam and field test at age 96. She lived independently in her cottage at St. Leonard until age 103. Mary is survived by her devoted son and daughter-in-law Jack and Pauline Fiala; her adored and beloved granddaughters Kate and Christine; brother and sister-in-law Tom and Betty Kirchmer; many nieces and nephews. Mary was preceded in death by Herb and Jim; brothers Joe and Dick; sister Jane Priske; parents Bud and Estelle Kirchmer.


We all had a great time at the picnic. It’s hot out and all the food is gone. Thought we would get home early tonight. Sorry if anyone was coming after 5 pm. We are breaking down now. Have a great summer.



It says “Road Closed”. Just ignore that. Xenia Ave. is open on the east end. You can follow it all the way to St. Mary’s Center. It’s that easy. Look for the Twin Towers.

Lots of DKG items for sale. Come eat and knit. I’m bringing my I-Pad.

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