Join us on Monday for Up-Cycling UFO’s with Jenny Smith
10 am and 7 pm at St. Mary Center

Jenny is a very talented seamstress and knitter and brings us some very creative ideas of what to do with that UFO (Un-Finished Object) that just isn’t living up to your original vision.

Vendor: Fiberworks, Beavercreek, OH


December 12​, 2015    Holiday Luncheon

It will be at Lynn McCown’s home.
​​​​310 Allen St
​​​​Yellow Springs, OH

Parking on street or in driveway. Don’t drive off the edge. Ask Wanda about that one.

​​10:00 AM-1:00 PM   Sit a spell and knit.

Lunch will be served at noon

​​Bring a salad or dessert to share.

Main dish and beverages will be provided. Coffee too!

Gift exchange for those who want to participate – an ornament or small knitted object you would like to gift.

Come celebrate with us.

Don’t forget to bring your knitting.


November 16—Regular meeting

Favorite Knitting Tips and Tricks
Lynn McCown

What advice would you give to a new knitter? What tips and tricks can you share? We can all learn from one another. This will be an open forum with all knitters attending contributing to the conversation. Lynn will moderate the discussion.

Vendor: New World Alpacas, Dayton, OH

Where: Bergamo Center for Lifelong Learning
Sponsored by: Dayton Knitting Guild

Starts on Friday, November 6th, 2015 at 10 AM.
Ends on Saturday, November 7th, 2015 at 10 PM.
Come join us for the weekend.


  • Weaving, spinning, crocheting and knitting.
  • Two classes (Signup was at guild meetings but you can still sign up for the classes. Call to reserve a spot in a class with Barb @ (937) 275-6649.):
    • Saturday morning at  9:00—Susan Sivey presents Metal Yarn Knitting
    • Saturday afternoon at 2:00—Kim Kulasa presents Sock Knitting & Machines


  • $125 for the whole weekend. Including both classes, 5 meals and one nights stay at Bergamo.
  • $85 for whole weekend with meals and both classes but no over night at Bergamo.
  • $35 for the Friday class with Susan Sivey learning knitting with colorful wire.
  • $25 for the Saturday class with Kim Kulasa learning to knit socks on a knitting machine.
  • $50 for both classes.

If you are not a member of the Dayton Knitting Guild you must pay $15 extra.
Remember, it only cost $15 to join our guild.


I just can’t get enough of it. I just got back from a Knitting Retreat in New Harmony, Indiana. There were 14 of us. I got so inspired by all of these women at the Retreat. I called in sick this week and have found knitting to be very comforting. I just finished a Knitted Necklace. (It even looks good on the wall). Barb Richardson gave me the wooden shawl pin. That really helped add the finishing touch. (I will be wearing it tomorrow at the Fashion Show). I won the yarn while playing Knit-O in New Harmony. It’s a fun game like Bingo. The yarn was so colorful, a simple knit pattern was all that was required. I won 2 prizes. Carol Desrochers donated a linen kitchen towel with sheep embroidered on it. She made it. Katherine Misegades brought her sister and a friend to this years retreat. Katherine was wearing a stunning jacket when we went out to dinner. (She may have a picture on her Blog). 9 of us went out to a fancy restaurant called, The Red Geranium.

Well the point of this Blog is to get my message out that tomorrow is our 3rd DKG Fashion Show and I will be there. I know you will be inspired. I’ve had a sneak-peak. There is one real show stopper created by the former Anna Conrad. The show starts at 3 PM sharp and will have one intermission. It will be over at 5 PM. I will be bringing a snack. My neighbor gave me the recipe. She said it was a big hit with her friends at work. You can stay after and we can eat, drink and talk knitting.

See you tomorrow,

Don’t forget that the Show is at the Corpus Christi Church. There is plenty of parking. Remember this event is Free!

This is a reminder that The DKG Fashion Show will be held this Sunday, October 11th from 3-5pm.

Due to a problem at Twin Towers we have had to change the venue for the fashion show. It will be at the Corpus Christi Church. The church is at the corner of Homewood and Forest Ave. It is two blocks north of Grandview Hospital and about 5 blocks from the Art Institute or  3 blocks north of the Frank Lloyd Wright bldg . Address is: 527 Forest Ave, Dayton, OH 45405.     This is a free event.

Also remember to send in your application for the first joint Fiber Retreat at Bergamo. The Dayton Knitting Guild and the Miami Valley Knitting Guild are teaming up for this event. You have until October 20th to send in your application.

Hi fellow knitters: Just a note to let you know that Darlene Grabits will be making a presentation to the Dayton Knitting Guild on Monday, September 21, 2115, both at the 10AM and 7PM guild meetings.

The subject of the presentation is top down knitting. Darlene has been knitting sweaters top down for about 5-7 years and has knitted many, many sweaters in this manner. She will have samples of her top down sweaters at the guild meetings.


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